Sergio Aguero leaves Man City and Pep Guardiola stuck in awkward reality

Where would Manchester City be without Sergio Aguero?

His hat-trick against Aston Villa showed him in exhibition mode but these two goals were more important – or should are .

It was acknowledged to Pep Guardiola before this fixture that this team are the league’s top scorers. Yes, he replied, but defensive lapses mean the truth is that they haven’t been the simplest team.
Aguero still during a league of his own

That was shown in painful fashion against Crystal Palace. Behind completely against the run of play, Aguero dragged them out of a hole together with his 250th and 251st strikes to form even more of a mockery of the notion that he doesn’t score important goals. The Etihad, having been furiously urging their team on, were now cheering Ederson dalliance .

Too soon because it clothed , as another switch-off at the rear saw Wilfried Zaha’s half cross, half shot became his own net by Fernandinho.

Had the team defended better, or attacked with an equivalent precision as Aguero, this is able to are a cushty three points. That it wasn’t highlights two major consistency issues that still plague the season.


Brazilians watching

Gabriel Jesus will need to hope the Brazilian delegation were keeping a better eye on Fernandinho than him as they create their plans for the national team.

The forward was brought off the bench to try to to what City had did not do and put the ball within the net but when one among the simplest chances of the sport presented itself to him he snatched at it and blasted it over.

His buildup play are often the simplest within the world and produced a stunning assist for the equaliser but it’s goals which will decide whether he succeeds Sergio Aguero at the club.

Ederson didn’t cover himself in glory either, charging out of his area wildly within the half to place his team in trouble before Fernandinho recovered things .


Birthday jinx

One of the more random stats before this game involved Pep Guardiola’s birthday.

Four City managers – Brian Horton [1995], Joe Royle [2001], Mark Hughes [2010] and Roberto Mancini [2011 & 2012] – had previously taken charge of a Premier League game on their birthday and none of them had managed to win.

Could Guardiola break a jinx and celebrate his 49th with three points? No, because it seems , giving the bizarre trivia more life than the title race.


Cancelo gets a crucial lesson

Wilfried Zaha is typically the primary name on Guardiola’s lips when he wants to praise Crystal Palace and there’s little question of the threat that he carries.

That he was so ineffective for therefore long against City was largely right down to Joao Cancelo. Excellent going forward last week against Aston Villa, he smothered Zaha any time the forward seemed like he could spark something…until the ultimate minutes.

One run was all it took and therefore the ball was within the back of internet , stunning the Etihad into silence as injury time approached.


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